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Gifts for relaxing and to de-stress

After a hard day in the garden what could be nicer than to relax with a wonderfully scented candle or if you really wanted to spoil yourself a soak in the bath with a fragrant bath bomb. This also works even if you have not had a hard day in the garden or even if you do not like gardenning at all. They can be the perfect gift for that loved one who needs to feel special.

Yankee Candles: We stock a huge range of all Yankee Candle products for all occasions. There are over 60 differnent fragrances to choose from with special promotions every month of the year. Why not also join our Yankee Candle membership club for special events and discounts galore.

Bath bombs: There are so many to choose from to make your bath a place you will never want to leave.

Please ask the staff in our  Garden Centre for more information. 

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